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INERTIA Advisory is focused on providing investment advisory in the blockchain and digital asset field to institutions, family offices, and individuals.

Investors will be able to acquire a personalized investment portfolio depending on their risk profile followed by a weekly newsletter, monthly portfolio performance updates, and more.

The Web3 Revolution

The Web3 revolution is bringing key investment opportunities that smart money is catching on a daily basis. Numerous large U.S. endowments from universities including Harvard, Yale, Brown University, and the University of Michigan have been jumping into the cryptocurrency movement by acquiring tokens of many different projects in the last years. In addition, traditional finance institutions such as banks and payment providers are looking their way to get into this disruptive technology.

Cryptocurrencies, better described as digital assets, are not here to replace the US Dollar or any other fiat currency as a payment method or national currency. But instead, they are here to provide community-owned applications that do not rely on third parties.

This revolution is only possible with the introduction of smart-contract platforms that allow building decentralized applications on top of their network. In fact, all this movement could be considered as the evolution of the internet (Web2) as we know it today. The main difference between Web2 and Web3 is that in Web3 there is not a single point of failure like it may happen in Web2, but instead, the servers are distributed within all the network’s nodes. Thus, this change in paradigm leads to providing more power to the protocol layer compared to the traditional modus-operandi of Web2 where all the information is stored in the application layer (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), providing value to the network itself.

INERTIA Advisory – Areas of Focus

Decentralized Finance – Reimagining the Financial System

An entire financial system is being built on top of decentralized networks that will question the modus operandi that financial institutions have been imposing.

Third parties will not be required anymore, everything in DeFi will run in decentralized applications that are:

  • Trustless
  • Censorship Resistance
  • Permissionless
  • Open Source and Transparent

In addition, new players such as liquidity providers, which will be an essential figure in each cryptocurrency portfolio, are introduced in this DeFi movement.

The Metaverse – A New World of Opportunities

The Metaverse is real, and it is decentralized.

Decentralized Metaverses are Non-Fungible based digital worlds. Hence, with the introduction of Non-Fungible Tokens, people can now have real ownership over their digital assets. NFT-s are unique tokens living on the blockchain that can be a digital representation of objects, memberships, avatars, names, digital artwork, or even land in the Metaverse. In this way, NFT-s become the key to storing digital assets inside the Metaverse.

Some of the industries that are emerging in the Metaverse are:

Investment Strategy

The investment strategy is carefully and specifically developed after assessing the investor’s risk profile. Once the investment strategy is validated by the investor, INERTIA Advisory proceeds with the execution of it.

Investment assets are divided into four different categories:

INERTIA Advisory – The Team

Danel Calvillo, who graduated from the Southern Illinois University and Universidad de Deusto with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a master’s degree in Banking and Financial Regulation from the Universidad de Navarra, has more than 5 years of experience in the cryptocurrency space.

He was part of BBVA’s Blockchain and Digital Assets department, where he was involved in the launch of one of the bank’s newest business lines, the trading and custody of Bitcoin and Ethereum for Private Banking clients in BBVA Switzerland. Additionally, Danel Calvillo is one of the Co-Founders of a blockchain and cryptocurrency-oriented start-up which is focused on the tokenization of all kinds of assets.

INERTIA Advisory, located in Madrid (Spain), is only one of the many services that INERTIA offers. INERTIA is a multidisciplinary firm specializing in the integrated and personalized provision of business services.

offers solutions to promote the development and success of their clients’ corporate strategies through continuous advice to shareholders, directors, and relevant executives of the company the institutional strengthening of its production units, and the optimization of the main support activities in its value chain.

Contact: Calle de Velázquez 50, 5º, 28001 Madrid, España /

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