Legal Services Director

Lawyer. Legal Services Director at INERTIA Tax & Legal.

Álvaro Paz Castro

Associate Lawyer at INERTIA Tax & Legal. Responsible for managing the firm’s relationships with national and foreign clients and assigning the workload to the firm’s legal associates, while supervising due dates, exerting a rigorous quality control check, and participating in high profile cases.

The firm operates on a national and international market. He has supervised the implementation and redaction of Contracts for International Sales of Goods and the incorporation of companies in foreign jurisdictions such as Hong Kong, the British Virgin Islands, and the United States of America. He has overseen international lawsuits against Honduran entities or Honduran domiciled foreign entities.

On a national scale, Álvaro provides counsel to local business people, corporate entities, and non-profit organizations in several practice areas, such as labor law, real estate law, asset protection, corporate law, and administrative compliance, within the pharmaceutical, telecommunications, agroindustry, and hospitality industries.


Derecho Societario y Comercial

Regulatory Compliance

Extrajudicial Negotiation

Labor Law and Relationships

Civil Procedure

Derecho Inmobiliario


Fluent in English, Spanish, and French. Medium level italian.

Trained Musician. Expert in Violin and Guitar.