Our Founding Partner

Lawyer, business consultant, and public policy analyst. Founding Partner of INERTIA and Board Solutions Central America.

Jorge Constantino Colindres

Abogado, consultor empresarial y analista de políticas públicas. Con experiencia asesorando empresas y grupos económicos en el diseño e implementación de su gobierno corporativo, la planeación fiscal, cumplimiento regulatorio y protección patrimonial. Es consultor jurídico y de políticas públicas para el desarrollo de Zonas Económicas Especiales en Honduras.

Currently acting as the Technical Secretary and Council Trustee of Próspera ZEDE, a Special Economic Zone in the Republic of Honduras with the status of an autonomous municipality, a common law legal system, and an independent financial supervisory authority.

Founding Partner of Servicios Profesionales Integrados, S.A. de C.V. (INERTIA), a multidisciplinary professional services firm providing legal, accounting, and investment structuring services. Its subsidiary firm, Board Solutions Central America, provides strategic planning, risk management, internal control, Board of Directors operations support, and family businesses counsel services.

Author and co-author of several studies on economic freedom, tax reform, energy market liberalization, special economic zones, constitutional law, and civil liberties. International recognition for his advocacy on behalf of the taxpayer due process rights, through which 15 out of his 20 policy proposals were adopted by the National Congress in the country’s new Tax Code, benefitting over 2 million registered taxpayers (Free Market Solutions to Poverty, 2017).


Derecho Societario y Comercial

Corporate Governance

Administrative Law

Estructuración de inversiones

Planeación Fiscal

Zonas Económicas Especiales

Análisis de Políticas Públicas

Derecho Inmobiliario


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Democratic Compliance: A Charter City’s Obligations Under International Law. The case of the Honduran ZEDE regime.
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Collection: New Honduran Tax Code Papers
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Economic Freedom in Central America Reports
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